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advertise - Advertise With Us

Companies, businesses, freelancers, take attention! We are constantly on the lookout for all types of advertisers. We have an advertiser community of 200+ currently and an annual client list of more than 3000. We organize more than 600 events annually.

The perks of advertising with us are that in addition to access to our community, you get:

Significant banner space

We don’t like to bombard our clients with a lot of banners and posters in their caravans as we don’t want to divert their attention from a magnificent holiday they expect to. As a result, you will have the full space of the exterior of one of our vehicles. In addition to our clients viewing our posters, anyone in the street will also glance upon your product, service or brand.

Premium advertising

Premium advertising is available for those who would like to invest more into their advertising. With premium advertising, we can place your ads in as many as 6 of our vehicles. Additionally you will be able to select the type of vehicle and by extension, the type of client that views your ads.

Product sales

Depending on whether your product or service is complementary to the service that we provide to our client during events, you have an opportunity to make additional product sales. If you’re doing a product launch, you may also have the opportunity to test a product and obtain reviews prior to market launch.