Blog5 - 5 health benefits of camping you didn’t know of!

5 health benefits of camping you didn’t know of!

We talked about the benefits of camping in one of our earlier posts:

In this post, we focus on purely the health benefits of camping. All of us desire a healthy and productive life, and that involves making decisions that promote our health. Traditional vacations often result in over-eating and a lack of sleep, and those can be avoided through camping.

Most of these benefits are simple and rudimentary ones that we often don’t realize in our daily lives. The reason being that the restriction of time and a packed schedule often causes us to make basic decisions that are seemingly irrational and have a negative impact on our health. Let us see how camping can rectify some of those effects.

ca - 5 health benefits of camping you didn’t know of!

Mood stabilization

Health involves three aspects – physical, mental and spiritual. Mental health is a vital cog in our lives, and can easily be affected adversely due to mood fluctuations. All of us experience mood fluctuations and they can dampen a whole day’s worth of achievement. Camping enables you to relax your senses and stabilize mood.

Sleep levels

The primary reason why most of us don’t get the optimum amount of sleep is the constant presence of distractions. Even on a seemingly less busy day, we have distractions such as our phones, computers and televisions. When you are ut camping, you mostly don’t have those distractions nearby. Even your phone is not active in places where telecommunication range is minimal. This enable a proper and fulfilling sleep.


A significant population experiences Vitamin D deficiency due to inadequate sunlight. With more and more office jobs around, people leave their homes prior to sunrise and return home after sunset. During daytime, they spend all their time cooped up, surrounded by artificial light in their offices. Camping outdoors exposes you to optimum levels of sunlight, increasing your Vitamin D levels and increasing bone strength.

ca2 - 5 health benefits of camping you didn’t know of!

Stress levels

Stress is one of the primary drivers of depression and anxiety disorders today. Camping allows you to relieve stress and exposes you to desirable surroundings. Nature in fact has a healing effect on your mental faculties.

Healthy diet

Probably a good thing that you don’t have a McDonalds or a KFC next to you when you go camping. Fast food is not an option anymore. When you are outdoors, your food options are restricted to more natural ones – fresh fruits, plants and unprocessed meat. If you are camping next to freshwater sources, you get to drink fresh water.

There are further health benefits from camping, which you can research online. With so many reasons, you really shouldn’t have an excuse to try it out once in a while!

Blog - 3 benefits of camping that results in a better life

3 benefits of camping that results in a better life

Camping is one of the best outdoor activities that we can imagine. It brings people together and creates bonding. Even in today’s world which moves extremely fast, where people have very little time to spare, a quick time-off from day-to-day activities and chores can be relaxing indeed.

While it does seem that demand for camping seems to be reducing due to the availability of various alternatives that involve lesser travelling, the benefits of camping cannot be ignored. We present to you some of the most obvious such benefits.

Nature time

In a world increasing dominated by technology and materialistic priorities, spending some time with mother nature can help reboot your system. It is surprising that nature used to be such a big component of humanity centuries ago, and yet it seems to play the role of a second fiddle. Breathing in the fresh air and relieving your stress is something all of us aspire.

boding - 3 benefits of camping that results in a better life


Camping is one of the best ways to bond with your family and loved ones. Without the hindrance of the ever-annoying smartphone, partly due to the fact that most camping sites have weak reception, people get to know each other much better than otherwise. Humans are still driven by emotions and relationships, and an occasional bonding exercise can be extremely beneficial to maintaining ties with people that are important to you.


We all know the two important aspects to a long and fulfilling life – diet and exercise. With people increasingly preferring fast food options as a way to save precious time on cooking, diet habits have taken a turn for the worse. Additionally, exercise is something we barely get time for. Camping forces you to physically workout.

These are but some of the important benefits of camping. We hope that more people opt for such activities to enjoy the simple aspects of life and relieve some stress off their mental faculties.