events - Events

As you can imagine, we hold various kinds of events. These events are tailored to different customer profiles due to varying interests. We have a set of fixed events we organize every year, in addition to customized ones that we do on a request basis.

For each of these activities, clients decide the type of vehicle and tents they desire. We provide a portfolio of vehicle and tent types.

Exploration tours

This is mostly catered to visitors and tourists in the UK. As the name suggests, the intention of these tours is to explore more less touristy areas of the UK. The tours are usually 1-week tours, with a total of 200-250km covered during each tour. A lot of them take place within Wales, Northern Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Family camping

These camping activities take place on a more relaxed setting and are ideal for small families, especially younger families. Each camping tour can be for 3 days or more, depending on client preference. The idea is to provide our clients with a peaceful holiday in which they experience oneness with nature.

Adventure tours

Our client profiles who opt for adventure tours include groups of friends of slightly older families. In some cases, these involve students too. Adventure tours include locations that have more scope for activities such as trekking, mountaineering, rafting, kayaking, hunting etc. Our hunting locations are especially famous amongst our clientele.

In addition to these regulars, we provide more options for customized tours depending on amount of people that request. For example, we have done tours focusing on wine-tasting, fruit-picking and more interesting ones such as bachelor trips. You ask, and we provide!