adventures - 4 great adventure travels that you should try

4 great adventure travels that you should try

Since ages past, humans have always had a fascination for adventure. It brings us a sense of challenge, adrenaline and achievement. It shapes and molds us to achieve greater things in life. As a result adventure travelers have inspired many of us.

There are various types of adventure, suited to different profiles of people. Naturally there are the more enthralling ones that provide a rush of adrenaline such as skydiving or deep-sea diving. But adventure is not just limited to those extreme activities. Here we bring to you different categories of adventure travels that you can explore.

ff - 4 great adventure travels that you should try


Trekking is something that is suitable for everyone. Depending on your physical health, appetite and available time, you can vary the intensity of treks that you go for. You can trek on paved roads or more challenging terrains. If it is something that you enjoy doing, challenge yourself by gradually varying the length and terrain type in your treks.


Mountaineering is one of the most difficult and challenging adventures. It pushes your body to the limits and increases fitness levels. With great feats of nature such as the Kilimanjaro, Everest, Nanda Parbat and so on, there is no limit to this activity. Once you experience the rush of joy of scaling one peak, there always lies a bigger and grander challenger that pushes you to work harder.

hutni - 4 great adventure travels that you should try


If you are of the less physically exertive type, there is always hunting. Britain has great hunting spots like Bedfordshire, Dorchester, Raby and Devon. Hunting teaches you to fend for yourself, which is a great survival skill. It involves accuracy and precision, which are life skills that are beneficial to you. Be careful, however, not to pursue the hunting of endangered species. Read up on species that can be hunted in your area of choice.

Water activities

Some of us prefer water to land. Water offers endless possibilities of adventure, such as diving and even snorkeling. These two activities bring us to some great views beneath waters. There are islands around the world that are frequented for such activities, especially the ones in South-East Asis like Pulau Tioman, Bali and Boracay islands.

The best way to find your passion and your taste is to keep experimenting. Try out different kinds of adventures, across land, sky and sea, to narrow down on  your personal favorite. One day you may even turn professional in one of these activities!

camping 2 - How to choose a comfy camping mattress for your next adventure

How to choose a comfy camping mattress for your next adventure

As many would have you believe, camping is not really an uncomfortable activity. It is not like you are transported back to the stone age and you have to hunt to eat. In addition, you don’t have to sleep on the thick, harsh ground and sacrifice your beauty sleep.

No, in fact camping today can be as luxurious as any other relaxing holiday. Some of the images online of camps can be mind-boggling, with beautiful interior designs and proper lighting. So when it comes to sleep, that can be luxurious too.

Camp mattresses are increasingly popular today. Like regular mattresses and sheets, they come in various varieties and compositions. We provide some recommendations on how to select a mattress for your ideal camp, and some providers here in the UK that we have personally verified.

Camp mattresses can be of different types such as self-inflating mattresses, air mattresses or closed-foam mattresses. Before you pick a mattress, you need to consider the season that it will be used in and the location you will be using it in, whether it is a sandy beach, hard terrain or thick grass. Each mattress type is ideal for a particular ground type.

Once after, you need to figure out the shape and size that will be ideal for your camp layout. Most mattresses are rectangular shaped, but if your camp setup requires another shape that needs to be factored in. The same applies when it comes to determining size. Here what is crucial is not just the camp setup, but also portability. If you have to carry around your mattress in a backpack, don’t pack something extremely thick and large.

Normally, foam mattresses are more lightweight and easy to transport. They are suitable for smoother terrains. As they don’t offer much thickness, they may not be the most comfortable option. They are however the cheapest. There are a few varieties that come with an additional insulation layer to provide more comfort, at a higher cost and weight however. The Thermarest Z-Liteis one of the best such products and is available in amazon stores.

Air mattresses are probably the most commonly used ones. They are inflatable, with a pump or with your mouth. They are suitable for winter conditions and are thicker than foam. They can be lightweight and portable as well. The Quechua air basic 70 1-person inflatable mattress is a great product and is available in Decathlon stores in the UK.

Finally, the most popular ones today seem to be the self-inflating mattresses. They are the thickest and most durable of all types, and obviously the most expensive. Regardless, they can be portable as well, and come in many shapes and sizes. They can be used for all terrains.

Ensure that you factor in all criteria that we have mentioned here, such as shape, size, durability and application, before going shopping.

rv - Make your own caravan with these simple DIY steps

Make your own caravan with these simple DIY steps

Having spoken a lot about caravans and the benefits of caravanning in earlier posts such as, we want to focus now on how you can design your own caravans and set off on your adventures.

Designing a caravan is no rocket science. It is time consuming if you want a lot of facilities, however a basic caravan suitable for weekend trips can be designed in under two hours. Naturally, there are designers and consultants who you can engage, but why spend unnecessarily.

Now, the first thing to focus on is the exterior of the vehicle. If you’re going to be spending a lot of time in the caravan and intend to park it in public places during nighttime, you want to have a hint of camouflage so that you don’t get hassled by authorities. A plain color is recommended and it is perhaps better not to place windows in the back as it can flag off the fact that the vehicle is a caravan. OF course, if you intend only to park in less visible areas, this is not a concern.

fam - Make your own caravan with these simple DIY steps

Once you have the exterior sorted out, the next thing to decide is power source. You can opt for batteries, solar power or diesel. Naturally, as environment advocates, we recommend solar power. We know of caravanners and travelers who have travelled for long distances using a solar power source. The lighting setting inside can be your regular LED bulbs. Energy efficiency is key especially for long distance travelers.

Before you get into decoration, there are a few things to sort out, such as plumbing. While it is always better to do it old-school and avoid toilets in caravans, it may not work out for everyone. IF you are camping in forest areas, you don’t really need toilet within caravans. If you do need, get a plumber to set it up for you.

 Once that is done, you are now faced with the easier affairs. Decide how you want to set up your closet space. Standard facilities include a sofa couch, table, chairs and a small rack to store your essentials. If you are a group of friends or a family who need more facilities, you may want to install a television, mini-fridge or even Wi-Fi.

In short, it is quite possible to do DIY caravans. Talk to fellow caravanners or have a consult with us if you require advice on designing or decorating your own caravan. And of course, always remember to get insurance on the vehicle.

group - Read these inspiring travel stories of caravanners and campers

Read these inspiring travel stories of caravanners and campers

Like us, there are many who have set about travelling to different parts of the country and the world in caravans. They drive, eat, camp and repeat. We have scoured the internet for some of the best stories and blog writers that will serve to inspire you to take up this kind of adventure once in a while.

We focus primarily on Africa and Australia, two other parts of the world where caravanning an camping has proved especially popular. These are also countries with immense land area, thus facilitating the possibility of long road journeys.

Full time caravanners is a blog written and maintained by two South Africans, Lynn and Ken Finlay, who retired from work in 2012 and decided to buy a caravan and tour around the nation. They call themselves gypsies, as they associate their lifestyle to the nomadic nature of gypsies. They have an interesting story, as they decided to become full-time campers and spend their retirement years in camps instead of retirement homes.

v2 - Read these inspiring travel stories of caravanners and campers

While they spent their nights inside the caravan, they set up camps to cook food. In their own words, they probably added a year or two to their lifespan due to a variety in diet and lots of exercise. They meet new people almost every day and have no lack of social relationships, something which may not have been the case in retirement homes.

Australia by caravanis a blog started off by travelers John and Margaret Cullen, who set off with an extremely ambitious goal of touring the entire continent on caravan. Imagine the size of Australia and the miles they have to cover! They started this journey in 2004. They got a Roadstar voyager 4000 caravan, that looks like your typical trailer house in the US, and amazingly set up solar panels to power all the electricity they would use inside the caravan.

v1 - Read these inspiring travel stories of caravanners and campers

They began their journey in Queensland, covering areas such as the Brisbane tourist park, Gold coast, Byron bay, Warwick and crossed the Great divide twice! They managed to cover Australia in 42 days and headed to New Zealand after, where they camped at different picturesque locations such as Hervey bay, Tin can bay and rainbow beach.

We were really inspired after reading these stories and amazed by the challenges the travelers took, such as retirement camping for Lynn and Ken Finlay, and a solar energy- powered continent trip for John and Margaret Cullen. It tells us that if we set our minds onto something, we will find a way to execute it!

traveling - 4 absolutely gorgeous destinations for camping and budget travel

4 absolutely gorgeous destinations for camping and budget travel

There are some great destinations in the UK that is ideal for the outdoor camper or budget traveler. Most of these destinations are unheard of outside the UK or even within certain parts of the country. People flock to these places around the year and set up camps.

Spring caravan and camping show is well aware of these destinations, having organized numerous trips. Having established connections with the locals and businesses in these places, we are able to provide great recommendations to our clients on food, camping spots, hotel accommodation if required, shopping etc.

Braemar, Aberdeenshire

Braemar is a village in the Scottish highlands, located west of Aberdeen. The area experiences some of the lowest temperatures in the UK, and it is advisable to go there closer to summer. The caravan park there is suitable for people who enjoy wildlife. There are a few rare species such as the red deer and the golden eagle in these parts.

cornwall - 4 absolutely gorgeous destinations for camping and budget travel

Bay View Farm, Cornwall

Polperro, one of the most picturesque villages in the UK, surround this site. Bay view farm is a quirky and beautiful site located in Cornwall, and provides camping options for as cheap as GBP 12. You get to enjoy the view of the island of St. George. Shire horses wander around the area and form a great spectacle. Be careful with them however, as they are not the friendliest of creatures!

Shell Island, Gwynedd

Shell island is a place for different profiles of people. It contains sand dunes, fresh grass and mountaintop views that are gorgeous. In a way, it is one of the poster pictures of Wales. There is a chic tavern bar in these parts that serves delicious food. The campsite spot is massive, stretching across 300 acres.

deep22 - 4 absolutely gorgeous destinations for camping and budget travel

Deepdale Farm, Norfolk

Deepdale farm is located on the North Norfolk coastline. It is an excellent spot to visit during the summer due to the presence of multiple beaches there. The farm even offers lodging specifically for backpackers and has a great community. The Deepdale market has a stretch of great cafes, restaurants and pop up shops. Definitely worth a visit.

If you are interested to check out these places or similar ones, you can either contact us to arrange an itinerary or perhaps purchase a used caravan and set off on your adventure. We have listed in one of our posts a great selection of websites that sell new or used caravans. Check them out at

backpacking2 - 4 positive effects of travel on health and personality

4 positive effects of travel on health and personality

We all know that travel is fun and enjoyable. It exposes us to amazing surroundings, delicious food, amazing people and interesting cultures. For the working professional, travel can even expose you to new business opportunities that propel your career forward.

Aside from the enjoyment, travel also has a lot of positive effects on our body, mind, and personality. These have been scientifically proved. Here we bring to you some of these positive effects. We hope that these can inspire you to engage in more traveling.

Diversity and Mental ability

When we are exposed to diversity, it opens up our mind to new information and experiences. When this happens, the ability of our mental faculties are sharpened. If you think about it, access to new means of knowledge enables us to use our brainpower more. It is no secret that humans on average use less than 10% of their brain capacity. For instance, I would have never gone to a chiropractor in sacramento if I didn’t open my mind to healing powers of chiropractic.

h1 - 4 positive effects of travel on health and personality

Openness and extraversion

There are many of us that are introverted by nature and feel awkward when we have to converse with new people. Forming relationships is not so easy to achieve. When we travel, by default we are forced off our comfort zone and feel compelled to interact with strangers and form relationships. This broadens our social horizons and makes us a little less introverted.


In line with the previous points, travel opens up our creative faculties. For those that constantly engage only their left side of the brain at their workplace, this is extremely relevant. Multiculturalism and multiethnic experiences make us think in a different fashion. When we interact with new cultures, we have to form a different style of interaction to fit in. This helps us open up our right and artistic side of the brain.

Happiness and fulfillment

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, travel creates happiness. Happiness is something that each human pursues in life, but very few realize it and or able to maintain it over a course of time. Travel has been proven scientifically to lower chances to depression and make people happier. Research also proves that travel brings more happiness than materialistic possessions. Furthermore, it is a great stress buster.

These are but some of the positive effects of traveling on your health and personality. You can realize even more by making positive choices when you travel, such as, say keeping to a proper diet and exercise schedule when you travel. If you are convinced with this article, why not check out some of our travel recommendations at

adult adventure - 5 health benefits of camping you didn’t know of!

5 health benefits of camping you didn’t know of!

We talked about the benefits of camping in one of our earlier posts:

In this post, we focus on purely the health benefits of camping. All of us desire a healthy and productive life, and that involves making decisions that promote our health. Traditional vacations often result in over-eating and a lack of sleep, and those can be avoided through camping.

Most of these benefits are simple and rudimentary ones that we often don’t realize in our daily lives. The reason being that the restriction of time and a packed schedule often causes us to make basic decisions that are seemingly irrational and have a negative impact on our health. Let us see how camping can rectify some of those effects.

ca - 5 health benefits of camping you didn’t know of!

Mood stabilization

Health involves three aspects – physical, mental and spiritual. Mental health is a vital cog in our lives, and can easily be affected adversely due to mood fluctuations. All of us experience mood fluctuations and they can dampen a whole day’s worth of achievement. Camping enables you to relax your senses and stabilize mood.

Sleep levels

The primary reason why most of us don’t get the optimum amount of sleep is the constant presence of distractions. Even on a seemingly less busy day, we have distractions such as our phones, computers and televisions. When you are ut camping, you mostly don’t have those distractions nearby. Even your phone is not active in places where telecommunication range is minimal. This enable a proper and fulfilling sleep.


A significant population experiences Vitamin D deficiency due to inadequate sunlight. With more and more office jobs around, people leave their homes prior to sunrise and return home after sunset. During daytime, they spend all their time cooped up, surrounded by artificial light in their offices. Camping outdoors exposes you to optimum levels of sunlight, increasing your Vitamin D levels and increasing bone strength.

ca2 - 5 health benefits of camping you didn’t know of!

Stress levels

Stress is one of the primary drivers of depression and anxiety disorders today. Camping allows you to relieve stress and exposes you to desirable surroundings. Nature in fact has a healing effect on your mental faculties.

Healthy diet

Probably a good thing that you don’t have a McDonalds or a KFC next to you when you go camping. Fast food is not an option anymore. When you are outdoors, your food options are restricted to more natural ones – fresh fruits, plants and unprocessed meat. If you are camping next to freshwater sources, you get to drink fresh water.

There are further health benefits from camping, which you can research online. With so many reasons, you really shouldn’t have an excuse to try it out once in a while!

money - 4 ways to save money and stick to budget for your next travel

4 ways to save money and stick to budget for your next travel

All of us love traveling. It Is perhaps the most enjoyable activity that one can engage in. It open up new avenues to explore and broadens our horizons. It is also a means to learn and understand about places, cultures, traditions, food and many other things, that we would otherwise not be exposed to.

As far as the middle class is concerned, a key issue that comes up when decided on a travel destination is expenses. While we all want to travel, it is complicated, to say the least, to plan an itinerary that matches our spending power. We also don’t want to get into the trap of travel agents, who charge atrocious fees nowadays.

We have identified a few tips and suggestions that relieve the anxiety of exceeding a desired budget, while at the same time having a good time and maximizing your experiences. Our suggestions in this post apply to travel that can be done by road, hence either a local destination or an adjacent foreign destination. Some of these tips can apply also to long-distance travel.

img2 - 4 ways to save money and stick to budget for your next travel

Off-the-beaten track

We often hear of off-the-beaten tracks as a way to minimize tourist crowd and to spend less. On the road, this is much easier to plan. If you are driving, you can choose destinations – say small towns, villages, rural areas – where you would spend significantly lesser. It also gives you a unique perspective on travel, as more often than not, you are forced off your comfort zone.

Get advice from fellow travelers

This is quite a no-brainer. Talking to other travelers and getting crucial advice from them enables you to better predict your budget and your experience as well. If not a direct conversation, conduct your research online at websites such as TripAdvisor, Lonely Planet and other blogs that are specific to the type of travel you wish to engage in.

img - 4 ways to save money and stick to budget for your next travel


Say you are not driving or caravanning, hitchhiking is a great way to save up on transport costs. While it may sound dangerous and unsafe, hitchhiking is increasingly becoming a common means of transport. Many countries, especially in developed and first-world nations, have spots where hitch hikers gather for flagging rides. You can find out such spots online.

Choose local eateries

This is something you may not necessarily find online. Food and living expenses constitute a significant portion of your travel budget. Rather than picking restaurants in central parts of a town or city, get advice from locals and choose a less touristic and local eatery. You will also get a more authentic culinary experience out of it.

These are some greats tips to follow for your next travel!

motorhome - 4 top digital marketplaces for buying new and used caravans

4 top digital marketplaces for buying new and used caravans

This post focuses on people who prefer to buy caravans. It is a great investment that will definitely yield dividends for your future. It also can prove to be a cost-effective purchase for those that frequently engage in caravanning. In a way, it also forces you to do caravanning trips instead of the easier and less-adventurous solution of a road trip in your car.

While we at Spring caravan and camping shows do not sell caravans, we do know of a few reliable and quality providers of caravans. We would like to recommend some of these providers, all of whom have digital offerings, to our readers.

AutoTrader caravans

AutoTrader is not limited just to caravans. They are Britain’s largest digital automotive marketplace. They list more than 450,000 vehicles each day and offer services for buying, selling or even advertising vehicles. They offer new and used caravans for listing and sale. In addition, the company also provides financing and insurance services for prospective buyers.


Caravanfinderr - 4 top digital marketplaces for buying new and used caravans

Caravanfinder appears to be your typical advert portal. They offer new and used caravans, filtered by number of berths and by layout. They also offer motorhomes in their portfolio. Caravanfinder is a one-stop-shop for both the product identification and purchase processes. They have tons of videos of different models of vehicles that you may check out. They also have an online magazine that can assist in your research.

Caravansforsale is yet another digital advert portal. They offer even more filters such as pop-up, mobility and trailer tents, for the well-researched buyer. While their portfolio of vehicles may not be the largest, we find this to be the most user-friendly website. The company also provides their own recommendation on choice of the week.


Preloved is a marketplace solely for used caravans. The website has free and promotional items such as caravan carpets that are quite appealing. They also have an informative blog that is well structured and maintained. The blogs are categorized and we really enjoy most of their content.

If you are in the process of buying, do your research well. Used caravans in the marketplaces listed above are usually in tip-top conditions and you may save yourself an expensive purchase by opting for such caravans.

family camping - 3 ways how caravans and caravanning can be fun for families!

3 ways how caravans and caravanning can be fun for families!

Ever seen those circus movies where the clowns and performers travel around a country in caravans? They appear to have a lot of fun in the process. Well, it isn’t really limited to fiction. Caravanning is perhaps one of the most enjoyable activities around.

To begin with, it is an inexpensive activity. And all of us enjoy something that is fun yet inexpensive. It doesn’t involve expensive bookings or add-on charges, which are common in most other means of transport and entertainment. Let us look at some of the fun aspects of caravanning.

A house that constantly moves

We all love our homes. It offers warmth, comfort and relaxation. Well, you will definitely love a moving home then! A caravan includes all aspects of your home such as a sofa, bed, television, mini-bars, refrigerators and what not! And the best part is, it is constantly mobile. If you get bored, drive the caravan for a bit and get out to a completely new and different surrounding.

fam2 - 3 ways how caravans and caravanning can be fun for families!

Family-time can be fun??

Family time can be sometimes dull and drab. If you have a very young family, you probably are used to coming home from work to the sound of screaming kids. Kids need a distraction once in a while, and your home doesn’t offer that. What better than a caravan where you get to spend time with your family and have a good time simultaneously! With the facilities of a caravan and the fact that you are constantly moving, you have an immediate answer to the lack of distraction that your kids faced.

You camp

Well, no one wants to keep moving around all the time! The best part about caravanning is that you get to camp in new, strange and random locations. While you camp, you do new things such as hunting, hiking, cooking and what not. At the end of a tiresome day, you get to cozy up inside a fluffy, comfortable camp and get your beauty sleep.

These are some awesome perks of caravanning. If this has convinced you, hit us up for you next family adventure!