How to choose a comfy camping mattress for your next adventure

camping 2 - How to choose a comfy camping mattress for your next adventure

As many would have you believe, camping is not really an uncomfortable activity. It is not like you are transported back to the stone age and you have to hunt to eat. In addition, you don’t have to sleep on the thick, harsh ground and sacrifice your beauty sleep.

No, in fact camping today can be as luxurious as any other relaxing holiday. Some of the images online of camps can be mind-boggling, with beautiful interior designs and proper lighting. So when it comes to sleep, that can be luxurious too.

Camp mattresses are increasingly popular today. Like regular mattresses and sheets, they come in various varieties and compositions. We provide some recommendations on how to select a mattress for your ideal camp, and some providers here in the UK that we have personally verified.

Camp mattresses can be of different types such as self-inflating mattresses, air mattresses or closed-foam mattresses. Before you pick a mattress, you need to consider the season that it will be used in and the location you will be using it in, whether it is a sandy beach, hard terrain or thick grass. Each mattress type is ideal for a particular ground type.

Once after, you need to figure out the shape and size that will be ideal for your camp layout. Most mattresses are rectangular shaped, but if your camp setup requires another shape that needs to be factored in. The same applies when it comes to determining size. Here what is crucial is not just the camp setup, but also portability. If you have to carry around your mattress in a backpack, don’t pack something extremely thick and large.

Normally, foam mattresses are more lightweight and easy to transport. They are suitable for smoother terrains. As they don’t offer much thickness, they may not be the most comfortable option. They are however the cheapest. There are a few varieties that come with an additional insulation layer to provide more comfort, at a higher cost and weight however. The Thermarest Z-Liteis one of the best such products and is available in amazon stores.

Air mattresses are probably the most commonly used ones. They are inflatable, with a pump or with your mouth. They are suitable for winter conditions and are thicker than foam. They can be lightweight and portable as well. The Quechua air basic 70 1-person inflatable mattress is a great product and is available in Decathlon stores in the UK.

Finally, the most popular ones today seem to be the self-inflating mattresses. They are the thickest and most durable of all types, and obviously the most expensive. Regardless, they can be portable as well, and come in many shapes and sizes. They can be used for all terrains.

Ensure that you factor in all criteria that we have mentioned here, such as shape, size, durability and application, before going shopping.

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