Make your own caravan with these simple DIY steps

rv - Make your own caravan with these simple DIY steps

Having spoken a lot about caravans and the benefits of caravanning in earlier posts such as, we want to focus now on how you can design your own caravans and set off on your adventures.

Designing a caravan is no rocket science. It is time consuming if you want a lot of facilities, however a basic caravan suitable for weekend trips can be designed in under two hours. Naturally, there are designers and consultants who you can engage, but why spend unnecessarily.

Now, the first thing to focus on is the exterior of the vehicle. If you’re going to be spending a lot of time in the caravan and intend to park it in public places during nighttime, you want to have a hint of camouflage so that you don’t get hassled by authorities. A plain color is recommended and it is perhaps better not to place windows in the back as it can flag off the fact that the vehicle is a caravan. OF course, if you intend only to park in less visible areas, this is not a concern.

fam - Make your own caravan with these simple DIY steps

Once you have the exterior sorted out, the next thing to decide is power source. You can opt for batteries, solar power or diesel. Naturally, as environment advocates, we recommend solar power. We know of caravanners and travelers who have travelled for long distances using a solar power source. The lighting setting inside can be your regular LED bulbs. Energy efficiency is key especially for long distance travelers.

Before you get into decoration, there are a few things to sort out, such as plumbing. While it is always better to do it old-school and avoid toilets in caravans, it may not work out for everyone. IF you are camping in forest areas, you don’t really need toilet within caravans. If you do need, get a plumber to set it up for you.

 Once that is done, you are now faced with the easier affairs. Decide how you want to set up your closet space. Standard facilities include a sofa couch, table, chairs and a small rack to store your essentials. If you are a group of friends or a family who need more facilities, you may want to install a television, mini-fridge or even Wi-Fi.

In short, it is quite possible to do DIY caravans. Talk to fellow caravanners or have a consult with us if you require advice on designing or decorating your own caravan. And of course, always remember to get insurance on the vehicle.

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