Read these inspiring travel stories of caravanners and campers

group - Read these inspiring travel stories of caravanners and campers

Like us, there are many who have set about travelling to different parts of the country and the world in caravans. They drive, eat, camp and repeat. We have scoured the internet for some of the best stories and blog writers that will serve to inspire you to take up this kind of adventure once in a while.

We focus primarily on Africa and Australia, two other parts of the world where caravanning an camping has proved especially popular. These are also countries with immense land area, thus facilitating the possibility of long road journeys.

Full time caravanners is a blog written and maintained by two South Africans, Lynn and Ken Finlay, who retired from work in 2012 and decided to buy a caravan and tour around the nation. They call themselves gypsies, as they associate their lifestyle to the nomadic nature of gypsies. They have an interesting story, as they decided to become full-time campers and spend their retirement years in camps instead of retirement homes.

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While they spent their nights inside the caravan, they set up camps to cook food. In their own words, they probably added a year or two to their lifespan due to a variety in diet and lots of exercise. They meet new people almost every day and have no lack of social relationships, something which may not have been the case in retirement homes.

Australia by caravanis a blog started off by travelers John and Margaret Cullen, who set off with an extremely ambitious goal of touring the entire continent on caravan. Imagine the size of Australia and the miles they have to cover! They started this journey in 2004. They got a Roadstar voyager 4000 caravan, that looks like your typical trailer house in the US, and amazingly set up solar panels to power all the electricity they would use inside the caravan.

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They began their journey in Queensland, covering areas such as the Brisbane tourist park, Gold coast, Byron bay, Warwick and crossed the Great divide twice! They managed to cover Australia in 42 days and headed to New Zealand after, where they camped at different picturesque locations such as Hervey bay, Tin can bay and rainbow beach.

We were really inspired after reading these stories and amazed by the challenges the travelers took, such as retirement camping for Lynn and Ken Finlay, and a solar energy- powered continent trip for John and Margaret Cullen. It tells us that if we set our minds onto something, we will find a way to execute it!

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