4 great adventure travels that you should try

adventures - 4 great adventure travels that you should try

Since ages past, humans have always had a fascination for adventure. It brings us a sense of challenge, adrenaline and achievement. It shapes and molds us to achieve greater things in life. As a result adventure travelers have inspired many of us.

There are various types of adventure, suited to different profiles of people. Naturally there are the more enthralling ones that provide a rush of adrenaline such as skydiving or deep-sea diving. But adventure is not just limited to those extreme activities. Here we bring to you different categories of adventure travels that you can explore.

ff - 4 great adventure travels that you should try


Trekking is something that is suitable for everyone. Depending on your physical health, appetite and available time, you can vary the intensity of treks that you go for. You can trek on paved roads or more challenging terrains. If it is something that you enjoy doing, challenge yourself by gradually varying the length and terrain type in your treks.


Mountaineering is one of the most difficult and challenging adventures. It pushes your body to the limits and increases fitness levels. With great feats of nature such as the Kilimanjaro, Everest, Nanda Parbat and so on, there is no limit to this activity. Once you experience the rush of joy of scaling one peak, there always lies a bigger and grander challenger that pushes you to work harder.

hutni - 4 great adventure travels that you should try


If you are of the less physically exertive type, there is always hunting. Britain has great hunting spots like Bedfordshire, Dorchester, Raby and Devon. Hunting teaches you to fend for yourself, which is a great survival skill. It involves accuracy and precision, which are life skills that are beneficial to you. Be careful, however, not to pursue the hunting of endangered species. Read up on species that can be hunted in your area of choice.

Water activities

Some of us prefer water to land. Water offers endless possibilities of adventure, such as diving and even snorkeling. These two activities bring us to some great views beneath waters. There are islands around the world that are frequented for such activities, especially the ones in South-East Asis like Pulau Tioman, Bali and Boracay islands.

The best way to find your passion and your taste is to keep experimenting. Try out different kinds of adventures, across land, sky and sea, to narrow down on  your personal favorite. One day you may even turn professional in one of these activities!

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