4 absolutely gorgeous destinations for camping and budget travel

traveling - 4 absolutely gorgeous destinations for camping and budget travel

There are some great destinations in the UK that is ideal for the outdoor camper or budget traveler. Most of these destinations are unheard of outside the UK or even within certain parts of the country. People flock to these places around the year and set up camps.

Spring caravan and camping show is well aware of these destinations, having organized numerous trips. Having established connections with the locals and businesses in these places, we are able to provide great recommendations to our clients on food, camping spots, hotel accommodation if required, shopping etc.

Braemar, Aberdeenshire

Braemar is a village in the Scottish highlands, located west of Aberdeen. The area experiences some of the lowest temperatures in the UK, and it is advisable to go there closer to summer. The caravan park there is suitable for people who enjoy wildlife. There are a few rare species such as the red deer and the golden eagle in these parts.

cornwall - 4 absolutely gorgeous destinations for camping and budget travel

Bay View Farm, Cornwall

Polperro, one of the most picturesque villages in the UK, surround this site. Bay view farm is a quirky and beautiful site located in Cornwall, and provides camping options for as cheap as GBP 12. You get to enjoy the view of the island of St. George. Shire horses wander around the area and form a great spectacle. Be careful with them however, as they are not the friendliest of creatures!

Shell Island, Gwynedd

Shell island is a place for different profiles of people. It contains sand dunes, fresh grass and mountaintop views that are gorgeous. In a way, it is one of the poster pictures of Wales. There is a chic tavern bar in these parts that serves delicious food. The campsite spot is massive, stretching across 300 acres.

deep22 - 4 absolutely gorgeous destinations for camping and budget travel

Deepdale Farm, Norfolk

Deepdale farm is located on the North Norfolk coastline. It is an excellent spot to visit during the summer due to the presence of multiple beaches there. The farm even offers lodging specifically for backpackers and has a great community. The Deepdale market has a stretch of great cafes, restaurants and pop up shops. Definitely worth a visit.

If you are interested to check out these places or similar ones, you can either contact us to arrange an itinerary or perhaps purchase a used caravan and set off on your adventure. We have listed in one of our posts a great selection of websites that sell new or used caravans. Check them out at www.springcaravanandcampingshow.co.uk/caravans/4-digital-marketplaces-buying-new-used-caravans

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