4 positive effects of travel on health and personality

backpacking2 - 4 positive effects of travel on health and personality

We all know that travel is fun and enjoyable. It exposes us to amazing surroundings, delicious food, amazing people and interesting cultures. For the working professional, travel can even expose you to new business opportunities that propel your career forward.

Aside from the enjoyment, travel also has a lot of positive effects on our body, mind, and personality. These have been scientifically proved. Here we bring to you some of these positive effects. We hope that these can inspire you to engage in more traveling.

Diversity and Mental ability

When we are exposed to diversity, it opens up our mind to new information and experiences. When this happens, the ability of our mental faculties are sharpened. If you think about it, access to new means of knowledge enables us to use our brainpower more. It is no secret that humans on average use less than 10% of their brain capacity. For instance, I would have never gone to a chiropractor in sacramento if I didn’t open my mind to healing powers of chiropractic.

h1 - 4 positive effects of travel on health and personality

Openness and extraversion

There are many of us that are introverted by nature and feel awkward when we have to converse with new people. Forming relationships is not so easy to achieve. When we travel, by default we are forced off our comfort zone and feel compelled to interact with strangers and form relationships. This broadens our social horizons and makes us a little less introverted.


In line with the previous points, travel opens up our creative faculties. For those that constantly engage only their left side of the brain at their workplace, this is extremely relevant. Multiculturalism and multiethnic experiences make us think in a different fashion. When we interact with new cultures, we have to form a different style of interaction to fit in. This helps us open up our right and artistic side of the brain.

Happiness and fulfillment

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, travel creates happiness. Happiness is something that each human pursues in life, but very few realize it and or able to maintain it over a course of time. Travel has been proven scientifically to lower chances to depression and make people happier. Research also proves that travel brings more happiness than materialistic possessions. Furthermore, it is a great stress buster.

These are but some of the positive effects of traveling on your health and personality. You can realize even more by making positive choices when you travel, such as, say keeping to a proper diet and exercise schedule when you travel. If you are convinced with this article, why not check out some of our travel recommendations at www.springcaravanandcampingshow.co.uk/travel/4-gorgeous-destinations-camping-budget-travel

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