4 ways to save money and stick to budget for your next travel

money - 4 ways to save money and stick to budget for your next travel

All of us love traveling. It Is perhaps the most enjoyable activity that one can engage in. It open up new avenues to explore and broadens our horizons. It is also a means to learn and understand about places, cultures, traditions, food and many other things, that we would otherwise not be exposed to.

As far as the middle class is concerned, a key issue that comes up when decided on a travel destination is expenses. While we all want to travel, it is complicated, to say the least, to plan an itinerary that matches our spending power. We also don’t want to get into the trap of travel agents, who charge atrocious fees nowadays.

We have identified a few tips and suggestions that relieve the anxiety of exceeding a desired budget, while at the same time having a good time and maximizing your experiences. Our suggestions in this post apply to travel that can be done by road, hence either a local destination or an adjacent foreign destination. Some of these tips can apply also to long-distance travel.

img2 - 4 ways to save money and stick to budget for your next travel

Off-the-beaten track

We often hear of off-the-beaten tracks as a way to minimize tourist crowd and to spend less. On the road, this is much easier to plan. If you are driving, you can choose destinations – say small towns, villages, rural areas – where you would spend significantly lesser. It also gives you a unique perspective on travel, as more often than not, you are forced off your comfort zone.

Get advice from fellow travelers

This is quite a no-brainer. Talking to other travelers and getting crucial advice from them enables you to better predict your budget and your experience as well. If not a direct conversation, conduct your research online at websites such as TripAdvisor, Lonely Planet and other blogs that are specific to the type of travel you wish to engage in.

img - 4 ways to save money and stick to budget for your next travel


Say you are not driving or caravanning, hitchhiking is a great way to save up on transport costs. While it may sound dangerous and unsafe, hitchhiking is increasingly becoming a common means of transport. Many countries, especially in developed and first-world nations, have spots where hitch hikers gather for flagging rides. You can find out such spots online.

Choose local eateries

This is something you may not necessarily find online. Food and living expenses constitute a significant portion of your travel budget. Rather than picking restaurants in central parts of a town or city, get advice from locals and choose a less touristic and local eatery. You will also get a more authentic culinary experience out of it.

These are some greats tips to follow for your next travel!

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